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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 1 - 2001-01-29

We've been meaning to write something about our plans for future meetings for some time now, so
here it is.


This is our "Apocalypse!" meeting, where we will explain to you all several ways that the world
is going to end. We are delighted to have Jock Howson -Author of "2020 Hindsight", which was
published in 1999, and which described how the world would be devastated by the Millennium Bug- as
our guest speaker. We will also be giving away an NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) containment
suit, which is sure to be this year's must-have fashion item. We will also have the distinguished
Rory Lennon discussing Apocalyptic fiction, and of course our wonderful Raffle.
Lots of fun for all!


This is our homage to misspent childhood. We let you play with Meccano, K:Nex, Lego and other
building stuffs. We will also have some experienced model-makers on hand to interfere, and we hope
to get the ever amiable Christy Flood from the Model Shop in Berkeley Road to show us what he can
do. Prizes of Lego kits. Have fun!

We pay homage to the best and most influential Science Fiction television programme ever made.
What more can I say?

We'll tell you more about this soon. We're going to do something to mark the feast of Beltane.



In no particular order, here are some ideas we have for the future:
A meeting featuring Roger Gregg and Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, who produced the wonderful "Invasion
From Planet Vampire" at last year's Octocon.
If we can persuade a few writers to come along one month, we'll ask them that perennially popular
question, "Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?"
We plan to get get a comics guest some time towards the end of the year.
We want to do something about short film production in Ireland, with Cork's controversial young
film-maker, John Vaughan.
On a similar note, we want to do something on the large amount of short animated productions
available only on the Internet.
Any Questions?

As you may know, we don't like to charge people to come to the meetings, so to cover our costs, we
have been holding raffles at all the meetings. The items up for grabs are partially thing we pick
up (for example January's Batman watches), and largely stuff from our own collections. We're
starting to run a little thin, so we would greatly appreciate any donations that we can use as
prizes for the raffle. Books, Videos, CDs, Toys (Transformers seem to be popular...) even Mr T
mugs. (Well, maybe not the mugs.)
Everything helps, and we want to keep up the good work that we appear to be doing.

Thank you for reading this far, and we hope to see you at the next meeting.

Bring someone with you!
Spread the word!

Best wishes,
James Bacon & Pádraig Ó Méalóid