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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 10 - 2001-11-30

Hi All,

Our next meeting is just upon us.

Our Theme, not to be jumping onto any corpo rubbish wagons or anything is:

The Lord Of The Rings.

Maura McHugh, who did a disertation on the books and Maggie Furey, Famous
Fantasy writer, from Wicklow way, will be talking to us.
We have also found some fantatsic LOTR stuff on the web, including
all of the animated Hobbit.

We have some starnge LOTR products and hope to have some of the new
merchandise along also.

We would like you all to bring 'your' copy of the book, and the coolest
one, or story about one, will win a prize.

There shall also be the raffle.
All this will b on Tuesday next The 4th of December, upstairs in Bowes
pub, fleet st, from 8pm onwards.

Attempts to secure tickets for the movie, LOTR have been dashed.
The movie has not yet been certified.
"We cannot sell tickets until we know the cetification, and we dont even
know how long the movie is, so we cannot schedule it either"
said a girlie from the savoy, about 10 minutes ago.(30th Nov.)
"It may be certified by the end of next week" she then said, of course I
had been told this last week also, so my faith is not great in this

We shall have a re-think about this at the meeting, but I am still
All those who want to go, bring a fiver to the meeting just in case, and
we shall keep the savoy hassled daily, and then get tickets on masse.

The Christmas Party is on Saturday The 18th, from 8pm.
There shall be much cheer and joy etc.
We shall be having a raffle and we are going to try a present thing.

We shall have a tree, and everyone, MUST bring something cool, and
something naff,(have a look around esp. unwanted gifts etc, nothing pricey
like) then all these thing will go under the tree and we shall distribute
them out, by bent everyone will be happy.

Every one then hugs each other, and try to avoid the mistletoe.

We can bring food, so those who can etc, please do.

Before any of this there is 'Enterprise', a mini con in Dun Laoghaire,
this comming sunday, the 2nd.
There are many of us going, some who dont even like trek, so consider
comming along for the laugh, you will be in good company.
I have been advised though, by someone i consider a Trek Cynic that the
programmes are excellent, so there is hope.

The F.E.W. plan is also comming along well.
Following the discussion about the Web Site, our own Chip Livingstone has
actually completed the templete, and all we await are photo's.
It looks sleezy!!!!

We shall be taking advntage of Enterprise so any of you comming along,
polish those nails, and bring some props.

We will have a sample on Tuesday, and a camera also, for more photo's.
So bring those props as discussed, and wash behind em too.

Now a plug for my own convention,
Damn Fine Con, it shall be a bit mad, looney and more fun the aliens stole
my handbag.
please check out for more info.

To finish, as most of you know, The Flying Pig closed down some time ago,
I am pleased to let you know, that there will be a new shop, of an SF
nature opening up in the premisis shortly.

Take Care

James and Padraig