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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 11 - 2001-12-15

Hi All,

Well our christmas party is just upon us.

Festivities will begin from seven thirty (ish) onwards.

We will have decorations and a tree, and we have prepared
some christmas music, some of which we can even sing to.

As mentioned previously there is a 'present' scheme going on.
Have a look around, and find a decent and a naff present.
Bring em both, for our tree.

then in rotation everyone can pick a present, and knowing the diversity
of tatses, some peoples naff will be others cool, so it should be fun.

Sci Fi club will ad to the pile under the tree too.

we shall play traditional games such as pass the parcel etc.

We have been told its OK to bring along food and the such, so the club
will be getting a few Mr. Kiplings and the such.

Please feel free to bring along whatever you like, as it shall be eaten,
believe me, whether savory or sweet.

We will have our traditional raffle.
On this I would urge you all to thank Rory Lennon of dandelion books,
profusley during the evening.
Many people have donated prizes, but Rory much so, and since he doesnt
have email he wont realise what we are planning.

I hope you all got a chance to sort out cinema tickets for LOTR.

There shall be a final oppurtunity at the meeting to join Damn Fine con at
the reduced rate of 20, support only a tenner, so give yourself a nice

Finally, I know that not all of you will be at the party, so here at the
sci fi club we wish you a happy christmas, and thank you all for your
support during the course of the year,

Merry Christmas

James and Padraig