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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 13 - 2002-02-28

Hi All,

This is a larger mail than usual, as i have lots of added extra's,
as wel as news of our forthcomming meetings.

Our next meeting is on next Tuesday, the 5th at 8pm, in the usual venue of
bowes pub on Fleet St.

The evenings topic is 'Alternative Irelands'.
Frank Darcy has ammased a large amount of material, where our history
gets played with by various authors, and Eoin Meehan has a big map, so
we can all be arm chair stratigests, as we invade Ireland.

The April meeting is as planned a Flann O'Brein night.
We have had suggestions that our May meeting be a Star Wars night, which
we are considering.

And our June meeting is going to be a look at the works and life of
Douglas Adams, author of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy series.
Mike Simpson who has just re-edited Neil Gaimans 'dont panic' and
is also working on the biography of D.A. will be our guest officiando.

Thats the meat of the mail, and here is some other stuff:

Lan Party success:

With 17 people paying up for the lan party, the club was in a position
to hire ot the whole cafe.James Brophy reports:

We sat waiting in the red flagroom, there were only two of us in the
beginning. Then the swarm came. The air was thick with plasma fire. You
could see the trail of a rail gun every place you were standing just a
second ago. Cordite and blood soaked the flag as a blue soldier who for
some reason was named Lostcarpark was obliterated in a valiant attempt to
grab the flag. And so went the battle of the lan party on the 23rd of
febuary 2002.

We began the evening by exchanging lead and sticky-bombs on the beaches of
Normandy in Day of Defeat, a modification for Half-Life. and we played on
through the streets of a French town, using tanks to hold positions for
the Allies against the Axis. Vince Pennell stood out as an exceedingly
good soldier of the reich.

In counter strike Phil O'Connor and a "notorious cat lover" worked as a
team to prove that girls can be just a vicious as boys when it comes to
killing German counter terrorist teams.

After all of that complicated combat Mick O'Connor suggested that we get
down to some nice and nasty fragging and gibbing in Quake 3 Arena. Now
there were no places to hide there were no scopes to snipe with and no
teams to protect you. It was just pure deathmatch fun.Chip, Alan and Ariel
lead the scores early on untill myself and RoB McGregor came to game. This
begain a ridiculous battle where Rob and I were never more then one kill
away from each other on the score board, it ended with my 100 to his 99.
As our scores got higher and higher we concived a fiendishy plan. The next
round would be Capture the flag, but with a difrence.

On one side there were ten tall standing Sci-Fi Club members decked out in
blue and opposing them were just two men in red. James Brophy and RoBert
McGregor, battle was hard and furious. As the blues became more organised,
the reds required re-enforcements. Ariel joined the fight for evil and so
the game became an all out battle for flags and frags. I personally killed
140 of them in one round. After some crushing defeats, the Blues
eventually overcame the Reds. With this glorious victory, we decided to
call it a night. But we all agreed that the war was not yet over and we
would be back to fight another day.(end)

Sale now on

It appears there is sale frenzy in the air:

Wow comics have reductions on nearly all their stock, except the current
comics. With 25% off Graphic novels and toys, and up to 50% off some
figures and older comics, Paddy has sreported fast turnover, and not
surprisingly so.

SubCity are also having a 7-day 50%-off sale on back issues, between
Thursday the 28th and Wednesday the 6th.

Finally Third place have let us know that they also have a sale
comming up, and will let the Sci-Fi club have details asap.

College fun

Mecon is on the weekend after the next scifi club meeting.
There is a small contingent going to the convention, so if you head
up you shant be alone.Further details are on

also I was at piccocon, and here follows a report for SF chronicle:

Picocon 19 was held at Imperial College Students Union on Prince Consort
Road, a wonderful address, last Saturday, the 9th of Febuary.
The con is just a one day event, and not too expensive at 8.

The Guests were China Meiville, who was very charming and entertaining and
I immediatly understood why a London paper described him as the most
handsome candadate in the last general Election, Anne Gay, Geoff Ryman and
Stan Nicholls, so not a bad selection at all.

Being a student event there was a 'wild' element to some of the program,
well they tried to be wild, they were sceince students after all.

They had a 4 ft jenga game of pieces bigger than bricks, then there was a
destroy your favorite merchandise panel where we bidded for toys and then
destroyed them, the guys had a great selection of tools, parafin and the
best liquid nitrogen.

Yep we froze the balls off anakin skywalker and then with the light tap of
a sledgehammer his lower torso shattered, it got worse....

The glow from a burning L. Ron. book was warming not only on the fingers,
but also to the soul, never sure about burning books, but perhaps just one
exception, eh?

The committee were a mixed bunch mostly great laugh, but there was one
who was a bit uber-serious, and it was shocking to see a long standing and
respectable fan get a bollicking from her for putting up posters in the
ladies toilets, actually it was hilarious,
I just pissed me self laughing to be honest.

They had a Monster Inc promo where after a quick poloroid you got a free
Monster Inc i.d. card. which was awesome but doesnt get you into the movie
for free, and an on going game of killer.
The daleks in the dalek racing didnt work, Exterminate, me arse,
but the dozen linked PC's did and they proved popular.

There were only 2 dealers both selling books, but with some terrific

The best aspect of the con was the drink. It was really cheap, a spirit
dash was 1.25 and pints were around the 1.50 mark, so we were well
locked by 5pm.

I didnt hang around for the movie, a disco would have been a better idea,
and as I was leaving some one said to me that it was
'not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon in London', and I would have
to agree.

Sike Milligan dies.
The literary world has seen a true loss, with the passing of Spike
Milligan, who died yesterday morning.
I had started reading Milligan when I was 11 and found the sick huomour
and fantastic comarderie portrayed in his war memoirs totally engrossing.
From there I have since read most of his work, I must admit that sometimes
I have found the goons somewhat less accesable, but would wholeheartedly
recomend his books to one and all.

Web sites

A website that is well connected to our next meeting, and which is a great
feat of work has come to my attention

This websiite by Nicholas Whyte lists all the SF and Fantasy books and
short stories that have a reference to or are set in Ieland, and is well
worth a look.

Thats it for now,

hope to see you at the next meeting