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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 18 - 2002-05-23

The June Sci-Fi Club Meeting

The next meeting will have a special guest Mike Simpson. He is deputy editor of SFX magazine, a movie hack extraordinaire, and a leading authority on "The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy". Mike has just helped re-edit Neil Gaimans book, "Don’t Panic" a guide to HHGG. He also helped the editors of "The Salmon of Doubt", Douglas Adams final book, which will be published posthumously. His current project is a biography of Douglas Adams. Check out his website at

This promises to be a special night.

We are also hoping to have one of our biggest raffles yet, as this time we should have the Star Wars items we missed last time. So ask yourself ‘do you feel lucky?’

So come along on the night, and don’t forget – we’re mostly harmless


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