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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 21 - 2002-07-12

Well - what can I say?
Many thanks to Jonathon who gave a very interesting talk on digital special effects. My apologies again about the lack of the TV (maybe someday we will actually have a TV - but then again why break a good routine). Personally I think we should get him back again later in the year.
Also we had the official launching of the Lost Car Park Gallery - hopefully we'll see lots of additions to this site.

For the August meeting we have -
"Practical Magic- the differences and similarities between fantasy magic and real witchcraft."
"A witch talks about her craft, and how witchcraft is represented in Sci/Fi and fantasy."

This promises to be an interesting night where we can all learn something of this religion and dispel some of the myths.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


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