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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 3 - 2001-01-24

Greetings, Fellow Humans (that includes all of you!):

Here's what we have in mind for the next few meetings. As usual, all
meetings will be held in:

The Upstairs Bar
Bowe's Pub
Fleet Street
Dublin 2

In line with all great events, the meetings will start at 8:00PM.
We hope to see you all at one or another of our meetings soon. As I may
have mentioned previously, we fund the shenanigans of SciFiClub by having
a regular raffle. If you have anything you have grown tired of in these
days of instant disposability, please bring it to us, and we will try to
find it a new home. Otherwise, tickets are 5 for a £1. Roll up, Roll up!!
Thank you all for your kind attention.

Mankind's favourite leisure-time activity comes under the SciFiClub
microscope. A little video footage to whet your appetites will be followed
by Eoin Meehan showing us a little old-fashioned hacking technique. Eoin
works as a fight arranger with the Moving Picture industry, so he knows
what he's talking about, as anyone who saw his brilliant Swordfighting
Workshop at Octocon 1999 will know. We will also have Space Marine weapons
on show, and also that the Robot which won the 'most aggressive' award at
Eastercon's CyberDrome event will be on show. Hands up who's *not*
surprised that this belongs to James Bacon.
Wear protective clothing.

Yes, we're not telling you!! (this is because we're in negotiation, and
don't wish to announce until we're sure. It'll be good, though!)

Recently voted the best comic book character of the 20th century, The
Batman is more popular now than at any time of his more than 60 years of
existence. We (P&J) are big fans, and hope you'll join us as the upstairs
bar in Bowe's becomes the Batcave, for one night only!

We are hoping to get distinguished Astrophysicist Dr Justin Donnelly to
tell us about the Irish involvement in the Long Duration Exposure Facility
(LDEF) project, and the Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Experiment (UHCRE). More on
this soon. Possibly something on Dr Who (what is the correct term for fans
of the Good Doctor? Whoovians? Whooers, possibly?) I feel a Quiz looming
in the not too distant future. A little close-up stage magic, the
Dragonriders TV series, and short animation on the net are all stuff we'd
like to address. We also welcome suggestions for meetings.

As many of you may know, Michael Carroll has a book due out about now,
called "The Throwback". We're hoping to provide a launch opportunity at
one of the meetings for Michael, -who is an old and valued friend of both
of us, and of the SF scene in Ireland for many years- but, with typical
modesty, he is resisting. However, we will have none of it. Expect to see
him, and his new book, at a meeting near you soon.
Go to his website for more information. It's at Tell him we sent you.

We were delighted to have a visiting delegation from the Gay Trekkies at
our last meeting. They meet once a month in Outhouse, Dublin's gay
resource centre. You can find them at
or you will find a button for them on the front page over at which I recommend. Live Long and Prosper, Dudes!

It remains for me to tell you all that it is James's birthday on the 4th
of May.

Thank you for reading this far,
Pádraig Ó Méalóid
James Bacon

Tell All Your Friends.
The first rule of SciFiClub is: We talk about SciFiClub!