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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 32 - 2003-05-31

SciFiClub Newsletter: June 2003


We've had a few changes here at SciFiClub Towers, where we plot and plan the forthcoming events and general welfare of SciFiClub. Frank Darcy, who has been so ably running the club's meetings since the middle of last year, has stood down from his position as the club's general factotum. Before he did this, however, he drafted in James Shields to help him run things. To help James out, now that he finds himself at the helm, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, one of the original founders of SciFiClub, has stepped forward, having been lurking around in the background all along.

Both James and Pádraig have substantial experience in Irish SF fandom for many years, with current projects for James being his superb Irish SF portal and news site, LostCarPark, which is to be found at , as well as much else to do with SF fandom in Ireland. Pádraig is putting most of his energies these days into P-CON, the SF convention he's running in September, which can be found at , and is also involved in various other things of an Sfnal nature.

This newsletter is primarily for the dissemination of information about the meetings and other events of the Dublin-based SciFiClub. If you are looking for more broad-based information about SF events in Ireland, there are a number of sources.

Pádraig Ó Méalóid runs 'Irish SF News,' which is a monthly newsletter concentrating largely on local SF events and other related matters, such as Irish-produced comics, and anything else that seems reasonably relevant. To receive this, send an email to , or visit the online version at .

David Stewart has recently resurrected the too-long moribund 'SF in Ireland,' which tents to concentrate more on international news and SF awards, although also covering a lot of Irish news. To receive this, send an email to , or visit it online at

Perhaps the most popular, and certainly the longest running online source of SF news in Ireland is James Shields' LostCarPark, which is, as mentioned above, to be found at .

We recommend any and all of the above, not just because we're involved with a number of them ourselves, but also because they're actually quite good!

The topic of the June meeting of SciFiClub, which takes place on Tuesday the 3rd of June in the upstairs bar in Bowe's Pub on Fleet Street, has not been set as such, but is likely to be an open discussion on the future of the club. It is our feeling that the club would benefit from moving to a larger premises, which would allow more people to comfortably attend the meetings, as well as provide space for people who might wish to come along, but not necessarily wish to participate in whatever the club's given topic happened to be for the evening.

We apologise for this lengthy newsletter, but felt it best to introduce ourselves fully to you all!

Best wishes, and hoping to see some of you at a meeting soon,
James Shields & Pádraig Ó Méalóid

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