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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 37 - 2004-04-05

Please accept our apologies for the lateness of this message. It was
meant to be sent over the weekend, but a broken internet connection put
a stop to that.

The next four Sci-Fi Club meetings are set to go, starting with the
Flann O'Brien meeting this Tuesday. The meetings are all in our usual
venue, Bowes pub on Fleet Street, in the centre of Dublin.

Please note that over the last few months, the start times have been
slipping. This can make the meetings go on very late and means that
people relying on public transport have to leave early. We'd appreciate
if people can arrive early to enjoy an drink and catch up with friends.
The talk will start at 9pm sharp. There will be a break in the middle to
refresh drinks and sell raffle tickets, and the raffle will take place
at approximately 10pm.

The next four topics are...

April 2004 Meeting: Flann O'Brien
6 April 2003, 8:00pm.
Daev Walsh of talks about Flann O'Brien, one of the greatest
Irish science fiction writers and author of The Third Policeman and The
Dalkey Archives. Daev has recently founded the Irish Fortean society, as
well as running, one of the foremost internet resources on
strange phenonema, which includes some of the most popular articles on
Flann O'Brien on the web. We're delighted to have him to talk about this
great writer.
See Daev's site at

May 2004 Meeting: The Sci-Fi Club Awards
4 May 2003, 8:00pm.
In association with Shadowca, the Second Annual Sci-Fi Club Awards will
be presented at this meeting. This is a prestigious star studded award
ceremony, so formal dress is a must. We have a slight suspicion that
some of the stars might not turn up to collect their awards in person,
but we hope to find acceptable substitutes.
You can still cast you vote at

June 2004 Meeting: Topic to be announced
1 June 2003, 8:00pm.
Michael Carroll Carroll will talk about something. We don't know what
yet, but we know it will be excellent.

July 2004 Meeting: Calculo, ergo Sum... - Can machines ever be people?
6 July 2003, 8:00pm.
Míchéal Úa Séadhgha, who gave the popular Lord of the Rings talk in
December asks can a machine ever be self-aware? He'd like it to be an
open forum, with people submitting ideas beforehand. More about that

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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