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Sci-Fi Club, Dublin, Ireland
Issue 39 - 2004-07-02

Hi there,

This is a reminder about the July meeting of Sci-Fi Club, along with plans for a Mini Convention at the August Meeting.

July Meeting: CALCULO ERGO SUM - Can robots be people?
Tuesday 6th July 2004
Bowes Pub, Fleet Street, Dublin 2

The question is clear: Can mechanical life ever exist? Maybe you think yes,
maybe you think no. What is your opinion? What tre the arguments for and
against. Spin-meister Michael O'Shea gonna rock yer little cradle wid his
ideohs an stuff, but he asks you too to think ... er.... and contibute your
slanted/perverted/malformed notions to this question for what he thinks will
be a FORUM OF IDEAS AND MORE. They walk among us!

Michael would love to hear comments before the meeting. His email address is:

August Meeting: Concise!
Tuesday 3rd August 2004
Bowes Pub, Fleet Street, Dublin 2

The Octocon committee take over the Sci-Fi club for one meeting, and attempt
to cram an entire weekend convention into a single evening. They are
planning to have guests, dealers, panels, workshops, room parties, videos,
and even a masquerade! One of the highlights will be an auction: books,
movies, comics and rare movie memorabilia will be available at
mind-bogglingly low starting prices!
This meeting will have a Eur2.00 charge to cover expenses.

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