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Aliens Stole My Handbag!

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Aliens Stole My Handbag!

Literary Humour & Sci-Fi Convention

30th June - 2nd July 2000

Shepperton Moat House Hotel, Shepperton, Surrey

Whats Happening?

More fun than you can have with soap on a rope in the bath, more excitement than you can endure (possibly).

A collection of Fun Shit for all you Freaks!

Talks from Authors & Artists. ROBERT RANKIN GoH.

You can expect Panel Items such as ....
"Gettin' Ink Done" - Tattooing Explained
"I Can Do ..." Show us all your Odd Talents
"Crystals to Colonic Irrigation" - New Ageism
"Bogus Miracles, Fake Idols, False Gods" - ?
"Is this a conspiracy?" - Well, is it?

And Games Like ......

"Twisted Twister" - a new twist to this looney game
"Kill-O-Zap(tm) Killer" - All Weekend Convention Killer
"Irish Hurling" - Fastest Ball Sport in the World!

Also exciting stuff like Watersports! Alotment Golf & a Helipad to play on! Build a UFO contest, Scalextric, 2 Themed Discos, "Life at the Sharp End" - Piercing Workshop, "Watch My Balls" - Juggling Workshop & Much, much more!
(well, at least a bit, and there's more than there's space for here)

Watch out for a room of videos of a "Dodgy" & "Unusual" nature.

Also Cocktail Workshop! Spanking Workshop! Rocketry + Many Other Unsavoury (but Fun) things!

And if all that is not enough, for an extra charge you can take part in a Mobile Infantry Maneovere, yep we will have Military vehicles and will be going on a dawn patrol.