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Military Manoeuvres Spotted Near Brentford

No Comment from MoD

An eerie silence descended over the ministry of defence today, as no comment was forthcoming regarding eye witness reports of a fleet of military vehicles approaching the quiet London suburb of Brentford.

There have been extensive rumours linking the manoeuvres to various paramilitary or terrorist groups. One group, the Allied Soldiers of Mafeking Heights is believed to have military capabilities, although this has always been denied.

One of the few people willing to comment on the situation was Mr James Pooley, of Brentonians Eagerly Awaiting Swift Tuttle (BEAST). He told us, "It's all a conspiracy by the Ministry of Serendipity. They control everything. They've been plotting to overthrow the government for years, and they're building their own army."

Another theory which has been suggested is that the whole thing is one massive publicity stunt for next years' major science fiction convention, Aliens Stole My Handbag, where for just £10 members of the public will be able to take part in a military manoeuvre using restored vehicles from the second world war.

Mr Pooley dismissed this theory as "Daft," saying, "nobody could pull off something like that."