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James's Font Page

Fonts are cool. If you like fonts, you've probably thought at one time or another, "I wish I could design a font". That's how this page came about. These are the fonts I've designed.

You are free to use them, although I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an email telling me what you did with them. You may distribute them providing you include the readme file and don't chage any money for doing so. You may not include the fonts on a commercial CD Rom without my permission. All fonts on this page are the copyright property of James Shields.

I started designing some simple fonts in Corel Draw version 3, years ago, but it was too much like hard work. It's an excellent program, it's just not a font designer.

The later fonts are designed with Softy, the only Shareware TrueType font designer I know of. It's a bit basic, but it's an brilliant piece of shareware, and can produce some excellent results if you're persistent.

Click the icons for Windows versions, or the icons for Apple Mac versions. Special thanks to Dave Stewart for converting them to the Mac. Not all fonts have Mac versions yet, but we're working to fix that.

Please excuse the mess. This page is still under construction.

Here are the fonts:

He's Dead Jim Download for Windows Download for Mac
My first font, designed in Corel Draw. Upper case letters, numbers and some punctuation. I think the influences here are obvious.
[Updated 28 Nov 98] Tidied spacing and letter shapes. Changed font name to avoid possible trade mark infringement.
Armageddon Download for Windows
Not influenced by a movie, this time, but a book: Armageddon The Musical, by Robert Rankin. And I know he won't sue me. Only has upper case letters and some special characters.
Chubby Cheeks Download for Windows Download for Mac
The first font I designed with Softy. I went all out to create a complete font with every character in the standard windows Latin 1 character set (and a few which aren't). I'm quite pleased with it really.
[Updated 3 Nov 98] I fixed a few dodgy glyphs and added a Euro symbol.
[28 Nov 98] Added extra accent characters.
Fuzzed Download for Windows Download for Mac
My second font in Softy. This font was designed by tracing a "standard" font (I win't say which one) with rough edges. I later thought of adding "noise". I rather like the result. Uppercase letters only.
[28 Nov 98] Added Mac version.
Honey I Stole Your Jumper Download for Windows Download for Mac
This font is based on the handwriting of a friend. I always thought her handwriting would make a nice font. It was made by scanning samples of handwriting and tracing them in Softy. Uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and common punctuantion.
[28 Nov 98] Added Mac version.
Green Screen Download for Windows
This font is an exact copy of the standard IBM PC text mode font, right down to the "pixelated" look. Includes every character, even the linedraw characters. Unfortunately not all characters are available from all software, as chars 1-31 double as control characters.
Ace Crikey Download for Windows Download for Mac
This font was an attempt to be as weird as possible. Around the same time, a friend of mine wrote a story about a character called Ace Crikey. They just seemed to suit each other. Contains uppercase letters, numbers and main punctuation.
[28 Nov 98] Added Mac version.
Sláine Download for Windows
[Added 18 Nov 1998] This font is still under construction. It is based on the traditional Gaelic Irish script, and is intended to be useful for either Irish language documents, or for giving English text a 'Celtic' look. So far it only contains capitals, but I indend to add lower case, numerals, punctuation and acented characters.
Click here to see the full character set.
Ragamuffin Download for Windows
[Added 26 Feb 2000] I created this font at the request of a friend. It's based on the handwriting of a friend of his who passed away. I think it's rather nice. Unfortunately, this is the last font I've had time to create. Maybe in 2001, eh?

This page is dedicated to David Emmett, the creater of Softy, who passed away in August of 1998. As the original Softy web site no longer exists, I have made the shareware version available here. If you use this program, I would strongly encourage you to pay the registration fee as this money goes to David's Widow.

So far 2641339 people have visited this page since 28 Sep 1998.

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