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This page is an attempt to gather the most essential links for UK fandom in one place. Please feel free to suggest additional sites.


Concourse 2004 Eastercon 55th British National Science Fiction Convention Winter Gardens Blackpool 9th - 12th April 2004

Interaction - 2005 Worldcon The 63rd World Science Fiction Convention, taking place in Glasgow in 2005.

SciFi Information Sites

ConNotation The UK, European and World Science Fiction Convention Listing - The Home of Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy Film This British Site is Dedicated to Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy Film, and includes a huge database of titles, films and meorabilia to buy, Profiles, News, Reviews, Features and Top 100s.

DuskSite A dynamic e-zine and community, offering stories by such well-known authors as Michael Marshall Smith, Justina Robson and Neal Asher, regular reviews and interviews, forums, message boards and other discussion fascilities, music - everything a fan needs!

h2g2 The Earth Edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Plokta News Network Fannish news and information site

The Alien Online Online news, reviews, interviews and expert opinion columns.

The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Website A site dedicated to sf/f/h fiction including short stories, author interviews, sample chapters, book reviews, bibliographies, genre news, telefantasy epidoes listings and many many genre links.

Fanzines and Newsletters

Ansible Dave Langford's monthly fanzine

Fans Across The World Monthly convention listing

Fan Clubs and Societies

L-Space Web A Terry Pratchett / Discworld Web Site

Sproutlore The Now Official Robert Rankin Fan Club

The British Science Fiction Association Join the British Science Fiction Association - keep in touch with what's happening in SF and in the wider world of fandom, both in the UK and abroad, and receive 6 magazine mailings per year!

The Welsh Science Fiction Association The Welsh Science Fiction Association (WSFA) has been founded with the aim of promoting Science Fiction fandom in Wales, by bringing together SF groups, fanzine publishers, convention organisers and individuals.

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha The Official Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society

Author Pages

Graham Edwards Author Site The official website of Graham Edwards, fantasy author of Dragoncharm and Stone & Sky. Bringing fantasy worlds of amazing dimensions fully to life.

Interstellar Interstellar: a series of science fiction adventure stories by Adrian Holland

Michael Marshall Smith Author of Only Forward and Spares

Waddy's Web Sites All things Discworld, plus news of a great weekend to get to meet like minded people


PLUTO'S PLIGHT PLUTO'S PLIGHT, is a science fiction comedy film that stars former world boxing champ BUSTER DOUGLAS. PLUTO'S PLIGHT can be seen entirely on line on Cinemanow.

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P-Con IV (Shadowcat, 0 replies, 04 Feb 2007)

Results of P-Con Survey (underdog, 0 replies, 07 Jan 2007)

Books in 2007... (Shelly, 2 replies, 07 Jan 2007)

seasons greetings (Shadowcat, 1 replies, 26 Dec 2006)

Sci-fi club December meeting (Texianstar, 0 replies, 04 Dec 2006)

TORCHWOOD (Conair, 4 replies, 30 Oct 2006)

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Contributors Wanted (19 May 2007)

Phoenix Convention hosts Charity Auction (08 Mar 2006)

An Unlikely Turn of Events for the Sci-Fi Club (06 Feb 2006)

Michael Carroll Unleashes New Superhero Novel (03 Jan 2006)


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