New Dublin Comic, in aid of charity

Tue 3rd Jun 2003

New Dublin Comic, in aid of charityIn Dublin City is a comic written and drawn by Gerry Hunt, a retired Architect, living in Dublin. He has always wanted to draw and write his own comic, and has been a fan of comics and its art for many years.

The Comic is based upon a Rhyme written by Gerry.

The Rhyme is of a poker game and those who are playing, sitting in a Pub. It is an interesting tale, simple and straightforward with interesting insights. The comic does not illustrate the rhyme, rather it uses the rhyme as its core and wanders as only a comic can, giving a terrific visual display to the reader.

When you read this comic, you will be astounded at how beautiful the streets and characters are drawn. The quality of the draughtsmanship of the buildings, shops and pubs, as our rhyme travels through Dublin is something to admire and behold.

The comic is published by Atomic Diner, a small publishing compnay run by comic shop owner, Robert Curley. Gerry Hunt is no ordinary debutante comic artist, he agreed to having his comic published, if his portion of the profits were given to the Simon Community, a Dublin based charity, who look after the homeless. With such an altruistic attitude, Robert Curley was taken in his wake, and now all proceeds from this comic go to charity.

This is a unique comic, for people who really enjoy good art and more than just a popcorn story. Atomic Diner has brought out a comic, that is intrinsically an insight at this fair city, the streets, the people, the stories.

The comic is selling for €3, in all comic shops, and as I write a deal is being agreed with a UK distributor. Atomic Diner are offering a postal order service to the UK and Ireland, you can send them stg£4 or €4 postal order, and they will also take credit cards over the phone.

Atomic Diner, 2 Exchequer st, Dublin 2, Ireland. Ph: (00353 1) 6771902

Reviewed by James Bacon

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