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April 2003 Meeting: The Sci-Fi Club Awards

6 April 2003, 8:00pm.

In conjunction with Shadowcat, we presented the prestigious Sci-Fi Club awards for 2004.

March 2003 Meeting: Flann O'Brien

2 March 2003, 8:00pm.

Daev Walsh talked about the legendary Irish author.

December 2003 Meeting: Lord of the Rings

2 December 2003, 8:00pm.

Lord of the Rings

November 2003 Meeting: Matrix Night

4 November 2003, 8:00pm.

Matrix Night

October 2003 Meeting: Zombie Night

7 October 2003, 8:00pm.

September 2003 Meeting: A Meeting About Nothing

2 September 2003, 8:00pm.

August 2003 Meeting: Heroclix

5 August 2003, 8:00pm.

The August meeting of the SciFiClub will feature Richie Lawlor of SubCity giving a talk and demonstration of the Heroclix gaming system.

Richie has offered to bring along a number of pre-made Heroclix teams to help to demonstrate how the system works, and this promised to be an entertaining and informative evening for all.

July 2003 Meeting: Mars Night

1 July 2003, 8:00pm.

James Shields talks about past present and future exploration efforts to explore the red planet and compares reality with the imaginings of science fiction.

June 2003 Meeting: A Meeting Without A Topic

3 June 2003, 8:00pm.

Although there was no official topic, time was taken to talk about suggested changes to the running of the club.

May 2003 Meeting: The Sci-Fi Club Awards

6 May 2003, 8:00pm.

Our special guest presenters will announced the winners of the first Sci-Fi Club Awards.

Click here to see the results.

April 2003 Meeting: Conspiracy Theories and Hoaxes

1 April 2003, 8:00pm.

Michael Carroll will fill us in on the greatest mystries of all time... of it could all be an April Fool's gag!

March 2003 Meeting: Show and Tell

4 March 2003, 8:00pm.

Thanks to Pádraig Ó Méalóid, James Bacon and Eoin Meegan for filling in at short notice, bringing along lots of interesting things to show off.

February 2003 Meeting: Great Romances of Science Fiction / Fantasy

4 February 2003, 8:00pm.

Star Crossed Lovers

In the month of Valentine
There is a tale to be told
Of lovers whose hearts entwine
But all that glitters is not gold

From Buffy to the X-Files
There were lovers with class
Many had different styles
Some were a pain in the.....

On this night we'll cast an eye over some of the great (and not so great) romances in Science Fiction / Fantasy.

January 2003 Meeting: One Shot Wonders

7 January 2003, 8:00pm.

Frank Darcy talks about TV shows that never made it to a second season... and some that shouldn't have!

Christmas 2002 Meeting: Christmas Party

17 December 2002, 8:00pm.

December 2002 Meeting: Saturday Morning Night

3 December 2002, 8:00pm.

Caitriona McGrath talks about Saturday Morning TV.

November 2002 Meeting: UFO's in Ireland

5 November 2002, 8:00pm.

Was there a 'Roswell' in Ireland?


Betty will be giving a talk on UFOs.

October 2002 Meeting: A Meeting about Nothing!

1 October 2002, 8:00pm.

Table Quiz

September 2002 Meeting: Table Quiz

3 September 2002, 8:00pm.

Test your knowledge of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horrow, Comics, Cartoons, Movies, TV, Games & Popular Culture.

&eur;20 per team of 4 players.


August 2002 Meeting: Witchcraft

6 August 2002, 8:00pm. "Practical Magic - the differences and similarities between fantasy magic and real witchcraft."

"A witch talks about her craft, and how witchcraft is represented in Sci/Fi and fantasy."

This promises to be an interesting night where we can all learn something of this religion and dispel some of the myths.

July 2002 Meeting: Special Effects

2 July 2002, 8:00pm.

Don't Panic!

June 2002 Meeting: The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

4 June 2002, 8:00pm. The next meeting will have a special guest Mike Simpson, a leading authority on "The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy". Mike has just helped re-edit Neil Gaimans book, "Don’t Panic" a guide to HHGG. He also helped the editors of "The Salmon of Doubt", Douglas Adams final book, which will be published posthumously. His current project is a biography of Douglas Adams. Check out his website at

May 2002 Meeting: Star Wars

7 May 2002.

April 2002 Meeting: Twin Peaks

2 Apr 2002. From the mind of David Lynch comes one of the most confusing TV series of all time.

It went from one of the most popular TV series to one of the most switched off TV series in a matter of episodes. However it still remains a landmark in strange TV!

March 2002 Meeting: Alternative Histories

February 2002 Meeting:Manga/Anime/Japanimation

January 2002 Meeting: Internet Animation

Tuesday 1st January 2002, 8:00pm. For some time now we've been intending to do a feature on the amount of really good animation available on the Internet. So tonight's the night!

Janyary 2002 Meeting: Internet Animation

Tuesday 1st January 2002, 8:00pm. For some time now we've been intending to do a feature on the amount of really good animation available on the Internet. So tonight's the night!

Christmas Party 2001

Tuesday 18th December 2001, 8:00pm. The second in an open-ended series of festive events!

December Meeting: Tolkien Night

Tuesday 4th December 2001, 8:00pm. Are there any of you who haven't read "the Lord of the Rings" or "the Hobbit"? Probably not. The influence of the creations of JRR Tolkien is still to be felt in the field of fantasy writing, and we'd like to know why.

November Meeting: Comics Night

Tuesday 6th November 2001, 8:00pm. The details on this one a still a little fuzzy, but involve getting a major name in the comics field to talk to us. Watch this space for more news.

October Meeting: You've Been Conned!

Tuesday 2nd August 2001, 8:00pm. October sees the two biggest conventions in Ireland, Octocon and GaelCon. We'll have people from both conventions to talk about what's going on, and why they do it.

September Meeting: The Now Legendary Quiz

Tuesday 4th September 2001, 8:00pm. What can we say about the quiz? We set the questions. You try to answer them. Magnificent prizes guaranteed!

August Meeting: Dune Night

Tuesday 7rd August 2001, 8:00pm. A little from the books, a little from the film, and a little from the TV series. Wear desert gear.

Dune Night
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July Meeting: The Night of the Triffids

Tuesday 3rd July 2001, 8:00pm. We are delighted and privileged to have Simon Clark in attendance, to talk about his new book "The Night of the Triffids". Some of you may recall Simon's previous appearance in Dublin, which was at Eurocon in Dublin Castle, which is where we first met him.

"The Night of the Triffids" is a sequel to "the Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndham, which is one of the most famous Science Fiction novels in the world. Simon will tell us how he came to write this, 50 years after the original.

Click here to visit Simon Clark's website.

The Night of the Triffids
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June Meeting: Batman Night

Tuesday 5th June 2001, 8:00pm. Join us as we swing into action with the Dark Knight and transform the Upstairs Lounge of Bowe's Pub, Fleet Street into the Batcave, for 1 night only!

Batman Night
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May Meeting: War (Whuh) What is it Good For?

Tuesday 1st May 2001. Space Wars... Clone Wars... Star Wars... We get knee-deep in alien gore, while we glorify mankind's favourite leisure activity!

Space Wars

April Meeting: Set Stunners on Phase!

Tuesday 4th April 2001. We celebrate Star Trek, probably the most important and influential SF television programme ever made.

We are delighted to have Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, best-selling Star Trek authors, who will be bringing some interesting artefacts along, for the first "Show & Tell" night. There will be a prize for the best costume!

Set Stunners on Phase!

March Meeting: We Can Build It

Tuesday 6th March 2001. This is our homage to misspent childhood. We let you play with Meccano, K:Nex, Lego and other building stuffs. We will also have some experienced model-makers on hand to interfere, and we hope to get the ever amiable Christy Flood from the Model Shop in Berkeley Road to show us what he can do. Prizes of Lego kits. Have fun!

Let's Build It!

February Meeting: Apocalypse!

Tuesday 6th February 2001. This is our "Apocalypse!" meeting, where we will explain to you all several ways that the world is going to end. We are delighted to have Jock Howson - Author of "2020 Hindsight", which was published in 1999, and which described how the world would be devastated by the Millennium Bug - as our guest speaker. We will also be giving away an NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) containment suit, which is sure to be this year's must-have fashion item. We will also have the distinguished Rory Lennon discussing Apocalyptic fiction, and of course our wonderful Raffle. Lots of fun for all!


January Meeting: Pub Quiz

Tuesday 2nd January 2001. Science Fiction Table Quiz.

December Meeting: Xmas Party

Tuesday 5th December 2000. Free Raffle, Cake and Cheer.

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