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Issue 60:The Unlikely Society/Dublin Sci-Fi Club September Meeting03 Sep 2007
Issue 59:Unlikely Society/Dublin Sci-fi club July Meeting02 Jul 2007
Issue 58:Dublin Sci-Fi Club/Unlikely Society June Monthly Meeting03 Jun 2007
Issue 57:New Venue for Dublin Sci-Fi Club/Unlikely Society on Tuesday 1 May 200730 Apr 2007
Issue 56:The Unlikely Society/Dublin Sci-Fi Club Quiz Night04 Mar 2007
Issue 55:Unlikely Society (Dublin Sci-Fi Club) February Meeting05 Feb 2007
Issue 54:Unlikely Society/Dublin Sci-fi club December meeting postponed05 Dec 2006
Issue 53:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 3rd October 200602 Oct 2006
Issue 52:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 3rd October 200602 Oct 2006
Issue 51:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 3rd October 200601 Oct 2006
Issue 50:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 3rd October 200601 Oct 2006
Issue 49:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 4th July 200603 Jul 2006
Issue 48:Unlikely Society/Dublin Sci-Fi Club Monthly Meeting June 200605 Jun 2006
Issue 47:Unlikely Society Meeting, Tuesday 2nd May 200601 May 2006
Issue 46:Reminder - The Unlikely Society meets tonight!07 Mar 2006
Issue 45:Dublin Sci-Fi Club to become the UNLIKELY SOCIETY06 Feb 2006
Issue 44:Dublin Sci-Fi Club January Meeting, 3rd Jan 200603 Jan 2006
Issue 43:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Christmas Party, Tuesday 6th December03 Dec 2005
Issue 42:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Monthly Meeting05 Sep 2005
Issue 41:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Change of Venue07 Dec 2004
Issue 40:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Temporary Relocation01 Nov 2004
Issue 39:Dublin Sci-Fi Club - July Meeting02 Jul 2004
Issue 38:Sci-Fi Club June Meeting27 May 2004
Issue 37:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Meetings - April to July 200405 Apr 2004
Issue 36:Sci-Fi Club Update02 Feb 2004
Issue 35:Lort of the Rings at the Sci-Fi Club02 Dec 2003
Issue 34:Sci-Fi Club August Meeting30 Jul 2003
Issue 33:Dublin Sci-Fi Club July Meeting30 Jun 2003
Issue 32:Dublin Sci-Fi Club June Meeting31 May 2003
Issue 31:Sci-Fi Club April Meeting31 Mar 2003
Issue 30:Dublin Sci-Fi Club March Meeting27 Feb 2003
Issue 29:Dublin Sci-Fi Club Annual Awards09 Feb 2003
Issue 28:Sci-Fi Club February Meeting31 Jan 2003
Issue 27:Sci-Fi Club - Forthcoming Meetings19 Jan 2003
Issue 26:Sci-Fi Club on Newstalk 106FM16 Jan 2003
Issue 25:Sci-Fi Club January Meeting29 Dec 2002
Issue 24:A Christmas greeting from the Dublin Sci-Fi Club23 Dec 2002
Issue 23:Sci-Fi Club September Meeting22 Aug 2002
Issue 22:August Meeting03 Aug 2002
Issue 21:SciFi Club: News and Views12 Jul 2002
Issue 20:Sci-Fi Club July Meeting26 Jun 2002
Issue 19:SciFi Club - Tuesday 4th June - DON'T PANIC!!31 May 2002
Issue 18:Sci-Fi Club - The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy23 May 2002
Issue 17:Test Message22 Apr 2002
Issue 16:Sci-Fi Club - Star Wars Night21 Apr 2002
Issue 15:April Meeting Afterword03 Apr 2002
Issue 14:SciFiClub Newsletter 01/04/200202 Apr 2002
Issue 13:Next meeting28 Feb 2002
Issue 12:Feb meeting31 Jan 2002
Issue 11:Christmas Party15 Dec 2001
Issue 10:Sci Fi Club info30 Nov 2001
Issue 9:SciFiClub Future Meetings 30/10/200130 Oct 2001
Issue 8:SciFiClub Table Quiz17 Aug 2001
Issue 7:SciFiClub News 05/08/200105 Aug 2001
Issue 6:SciFiClub News 26/06/0126 Jun 2001
Issue 5:July SciFiClub Meeting07 Jun 2001
Issue 4:SciFiClub Newsletter 31st May 200131 May 2001
Issue 3:Future SciFiClub Meetings24 Jan 2001
Issue 2:SciFiClub Meetings Update24 Mar 2001
Issue 1:SciFi Club Meetings.29 Jan 2001