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Home I go
Wed 15th Sep 2004

Two days in bermuda have breezed by very quickly.

I am grateful though as I have spent both afternoons on the terrace of The Pickled Onion, typing.

I now have articles ready for Tommy World and Matrix.

I am also getting on with the TAFF report.

Here is how the report will work.

I am going to do a huge amount of them, it will consisit of my ramblings and experience along with pieces by as many people as I can cajole to write, if you read this and met me on my travels, I welcome submissions.

I need to have the report ready for NOVACON, although I will not be at the con myself. I hope to illicit agents there, to distribute the Report, for a nominal donantion, of 3 pounds or $4.

Also, if anyone wants a report, the same amount or more is welcomed by cheque or postal order made out to T.A.F.F. along with a self addressed c-5 enevelope.

The address is, as always TAFF, c/o 211 Black Horse Ave., Dublin 7, Ireland.

I will also be distrubuting the Report as I see fit, in an effort to spread the word on TAFF. This will be arbitury.

I intend to literally produce hundreds of reports, and hope to spread them among various fan communities, not just the usual places.

My journey is now at an end, and there are so many people who deserve thanks, I cannot list everyone, but suffice to say, I would like to thank the TAFF teams US and UK, All at noreascon, especially the committee and staff. Friends I made there, at parties and in Childrens services and all over. The Friendly Tor welcome in New York, the great welcome at Trouser Con part 1 and 2, the UK fans who helped me out at every hands turn, The Irish Fans who told me where the free booze was, My brother for his TAFF rehab,

Jason and Mark for flights, Those at home James, James and Stef for I.T. and suppport Mom and dad for general support, and especially Simone for various rescues.

I have met many wonderful people, and enjoyed myself thouroughly, an amazing experience and it seems to have flown by.

Finally a safe onward journey wish to Norman Cates my DUFF comrade who is still travelling

many thanks to everyone.

Sun and moreTue 14th Sep 2004

Yesterday after failing to send email, but recieving a bckload, I went to lunch in the Pickled Onion, on Front St., here in Hamilton. Read More...

BermudaSun 12th Sep 2004

Bermuda is small but pretty, like a warm dalkey I supposse. Read More...

Nics FarewellSun 12th Sep 2004

Its 1.30am, when I work out that my flight onward is at 10.30am, which will mean a 6am departure from Nics. Read More...

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Fan Reportage
Hi Son...Thu 2nd Sep 2004

Hi Son,

Great Taff diaryThu 2nd Sep 2004

Great Taff diary James. You look great , cheers Read More...

Have a great timeWed 1st Sep 2004

Have a great time, may it turn out to be everything you expected and more ; Lisa

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