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Jumbo's TAFF Tour
Tue 31 Aug 200411.00Dublin Airport, Depart Dublin at 11.00am, arriving in Boston Airport at 2.35 eastern time.
Wed 01 Sep 2004 Noreascon, Will be at the convention today, Noreascon 4, in The Haynes Convention centre, in Boston, finding the bar, no doubt.
Thu 02 Sep 2004-
20.00Party Noreascon, TAFF/DUFF Reception, Fanzine Lounge

James Bacon, Norman Cates

Hopefully this will be the start of the beer swilling, as I earnestly attempt to meet people, anyone who knows me, this would be a good time to come along to laugh and point, as I represent YOU!
Thu 02 Sep 200414.00Panel Noreascon, Thursday 2pm Fandom…A Way of Making Money? H205

Have many fans actually achieved the goal of getting fandom to financially support the things they love to do? Our panelists talk about their own attempts to launch self-sustaining projects, give pointers, and warn about pitfalls. Fannish projects and charities will also be examined.

James Bacon, Charles N. Brown, Norman Cates, Bill Roper (m)
Thu 02 Sep 200416.00Panel Noreascon, Your Dream Convention H206

Your wealthy great-uncle Willard has died and left you $20 million on the condition you spend it enjoying yourself! So you decide to hold the greatest SF con ever.

Questions to answer:

* What? A super-exclusive relaxacon? A convention that would dwarf the Worldcon?
* Where?
* When?
* Who would you invite and who would you deliberately exclude?

C'mon, it's your dream convention!

James Bacon, Mike Glyer, David R. Howell (m), Andrew Porter, Roger Sims

(huzzaahh, loads a money, weapons, chicks and booze eh?)
Thu 02 Sep 200417.00Panel Noreascon, Welcome to the SF Community: Making Connections H 303

Now that you're here, here's how to meet people, get involved, and learn to understand our eccentric community!

James Bacon, Elaine Brennan (m), Grant Kruger, Joel Zakem

(er, well, you need Lube like to begin with)
Thu 02 Sep 200419.00Panel Norseacon, Terry on Trial Concourse

…for such charges as "failing to stop at a trilogy", "writing with undue care and attention", "cruelty to animals", and "being a rich bastard!". Celebrity witness will include Death, Nanny Ogg, and others. Caselberg as prosecutor, Friesner as defender, Bacon as judge…

James Bacon, Esther Friesner, Jay Caselberg (m), Mary Kay Kare, Terry Pratchett

(where's my black cloth)
Thu 02 Sep 200423.00Panel Noreascon, Pictionary

Think of Charades, played by mute mental patients. (they knew I was comming!!!) It's somewhat (but not very) similar to water polo with scratchpads. It's the parlor game Satan makes Picasso play in Hell with Claude Degler. It's the shoulder-shaking epicenter of some of this con's largest laughquakes. Here —wait—let us draw you a description of that last one…

James Bacon (m), Mike Dashow, Joseph DeVito, Bob Eggleton, Teddy Harvia
Thu 02 Sep 200420.00Party, Guff and Taff reception - in the
Fanzine Lounge in the Hynes.

This would be an excellent oppurtunity for anyone who knows me to come along to laugh and point at YOUR candidiate!

Fri 03 Sep 200416.00Noreascon Panel, Beyond the Con: Connecting to Worldwide Fandom H205

Science-fiction conventions have proliferated so that there's at least one on every weekend of the year and five or six on many. Is there any reason to engage in fan activity beyond con-going?

What else is there to do? Why should you seek a connection to world-wide fandom and how can you do it?

This is a great place to learn more about TAFF and DUFF from this year's winners, too!

James Bacon, Norman Cates, Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, John-Henri Holmberg, Jim Young (m)
Fri 03 Sep 200420.00Retro Hugos, I have been asked by James Whites' family to represent them at the retro Hugo awards, which is a fantastic honour for me.

James has been nominated for Best Fan Writer 1953 and also as Art Editor of Slant, Walt Willis was the editor, for Best Fanzine 1953.

Win or Lose, it will be a proud moment, as even a nomination, shows a recognition by fans, that is well deserved.

Friday 8:00 p Auditorium:
The Time Machine: Guest of Honor Interviews and The 1953 Retro Awards

Take a short trip with our Guests of Honor, experiencing the world past, present, and future through their eyes. Then help celebrate the best in science fiction and fantasy from 1953 with some special commentators as we present the 1953 Retro Hugo Awards.

Bob Eggleton, William Tenn, Terry Pratchett, Jack Speer, Peter Weston
Sat 04 Sep 200413.00Rehearsal, There is a rehearsal for the Hugo Presentation in the Hynes auditorium.
Sat 04 Sep 200416.00Taff/Guff Party Fanzine Lounge, John Hertz is throwing a Taff and Guff party in the fanzine lounge, another excellent oppurtunity to come along and Mock, er, I mean meet your candidate.

Norman will be there Too!!! ( don't be mocking him, ye feckers!)

Sat 04 Sep 200420.00Hugo Awards - presentation, I get to present a Hugo, a huge honour.
The catagory is Best Fanwriter:

Best Fan Writer

* Jeff Berkwits
* Bob Devney
* John L. Flynn
* Dave Langford
* Cheryl Morgan

This is something I am truly nervous about.

Saturday 8:00 p Auditorium:
The Hugo Awards

Bestowing the most famous honor in science fiction, the Hugo ceremony is indeed The Big One. Come watch some of our most towering talents endure hours of squirm in hopes of one magnificent minute of squeal.

Neil Gaiman, William Tenn, Terry Pratchett, Jack Speer, Peter Weston
Sun 05 Sep 200412.00Panel Noreascon, Sunday 12:00 n H301:
America's Best Comics

The line that Alan Moore begat has spun a number of imaginative and wildly different SF and fantasy titles, including Tom Strong, Promethea and Top Ten. What makes these books work so well? Is it true that Promethea's readers are 98% male? And why aren't there more stories featuring that scary kid genius, Jack B. Quick?

James Bacon, Terence Chua (m), Daniel P. Dern, Pam Fremon, Barry Short

ah-ha, I love League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!
Sun 05 Sep 200414.00Auction, Sunday 2:00 p H205:

Valuable and/or fascinating books, fanzines, toys, artwork, and "tuckerizations" (wherein your favorite writers vow to include your name in their next works) are sold to the highest bidder! Buy early and often to benefit the Trans- Atlantic Fan Fund and Down Under Fan Fund. Auctioneers: Guy and Rosie Lillian (past Duff delegates) and Peter Weston (Fan Guest of Honor).

I have a load of interesting stuff Too.
Sun 05 Sep 200416.00Noreascon Panel, Sunday 4:00 p H205:
Dead Fans Don't Pub Their Ish

Who's the Walt Willis of today? What will we do without Harry Warner Jr.? A fond remembrance of the finest fanzine writers and publishers of the past and an examination of The State of Fanzine Publishing in the 21st Century? What's being published? What's good? What's bad?

James Bacon, John-Henri Holmberg, Joe Siclari, Geri Sullivan (m)
Mon 06 Sep 2004 Noreascon, Last day at the convention, and no doubt some beer will be had
Tue 07 Sep 2004 Boston, A chance to meet Boston Fans after the con.
Wed 08 Sep 2004-
Fri 10 Sep 2004
 New York, A couple of Days in New York to meet fans
Fri 10 Sep 2004 Ted Whites - Trouser Con Part one, Second Fridays there is a gathering at Ted Whites house in Falls Church, VA.

This will be part one of TROUSER CON tm

TM to Nic Farey
Sat 11 Sep 2004 Nic Farey Cookout- trouser Con Cont, Nic Farey is hosting a cookout - Trouser Con, in part to have a booze and also for fans to gather.

Wed 15 Sep 2004 Depart Boston, I come home.


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