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Taff Diary

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15 Sep 2004
Home I go
Two days in bermuda have breezed by very quickly... Full Story
14 Sep 2004
Sun and more
Yesterday after failing to send email, but recieving a bckload,... Full Story
12 Sep 2004
Bermuda is small but pretty, like a warm dalkey I... Full Story
12 Sep 2004
Nics Farewell
Its 1... Full Story
11 Sep 2004
Teds to Nics
Today is good, I wake up late and its nice,... Full Story
10 Sep 2004
Strike the plastic
So, I get up today ion time, and everything is... Full Story
09 Sep 2004
Jekyl and Hyde
So, when I got to amwerica, my good friend and... Full Story
09 Sep 2004
Communication concern
So I have no internet connection, and no WI-FI so... Full Story
08 Sep 2004
Great evening
After the visit to Tor, I headed off with knowledge... Full Story
08 Sep 2004
Jesus, what a Day downs then great UPS!!
I wake up this morning to find that ist lashing... Full Story
07 Sep 2004
Its over now baby
Woke up this morning at a reasonable time, even though... Full Story
06 Sep 2004
And now, the time is near.....
Last days' at a convention are always hectic... Full Story
06 Sep 2004
Fund Raising
I eventually got to bed at 8am, and was stunned... Full Story
05 Sep 2004
Parties and Pals
Following after the Hugo's there was an Interaction Hugo Loser's... Full Story
05 Sep 2004
Presenting the Hugo
Last night, I prseneted the Hugo award for Best Fanwriter... Full Story
04 Sep 2004
Immediatly after the award ceremony we, Joe, Geri Sullivan, Mark... Full Story
04 Sep 2004
A Great moment
James White won the Retro Hugo for best Fanzine of... Full Story
02 Sep 2004
Longest day
Today has been a good day, felt like I would... Full Story
01 Sep 2004
A good night
Its hard to be at two places at once, but... Full Story
01 Sep 2004
Busy day so Far
well I had volunteered yesterday and today I continued... Full Story
01 Sep 2004
A good evening
Am a light weight, went to bed at about half... Full Story
31 Aug 2004
In Boston
Boston is green and pleasant, not too hot, and not... Full Story
31 Aug 2004
Leaving Dublin
Well I am off, all set and ready to go,... Full Story
30 Aug 2004
Packing and Bedlam
The last two days have been manic, packing and preparing... Full Story
29 Aug 2004
Website Launched
With barely hours to go to my departure, the amazing... Full Story
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