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Flying Home, Drunk Stoned and Exhausted.
Mon 16th Sep 2002


Nic successfully picked me up from the airport (eventually), and we headed to Ted White's where, amongst others there were Victor Gonzales, Dan Steffan and Steve Stiles, making a total of four TAFF winners.

I got drunk and stoned which will surprise nobody.

Party / BBQ at Nic's yesterday.

Today I'm resting as I will fly from Washington Dulles at 2pm, catching a connecting flight at Philadelphia at 6pm to Gatwick, where I will arrive in the morning of the 17th and a couple of hours later fly home. It's gonna be a tough day.

I will start a proper TAFF report in a few days and will post sections to this site as they are completed. Paper version will them come out as part of my fanzine Strangeness & Charm (yeah, I'm doing another).



Muppet's in CanadaFri 13th Sep 2002

Hello from Canada.

Windy GuinnessTue 10th Sep 2002

Hi, there. I'm in Chicago, which is a lovely city. Read More...

Portland and MadisonMon 9th Sep 2002

Hello folks. Yes, Portland was nice, the Spruce Goose is a fucking amazing machine. You can taxi a Dakota under the wing. The tailplane is 80ft high! Kate and Dave are very nice people, and took me to a polyamory/BDSM party, which was nice, especially the home made absinthe, and the stripper. Arrived in Madison yesterday, to coincide with a birthday party of a local fan called Tom. Tom & Jerome are putting me up, which is very nice of them. I have just arranged to meet Nigel Rowe tomorrow, and am currently at a BBQ party at Jae's. Will update again when I get to Chicago. Read More...

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Fan Reportage
Worldcon. Tobes on Form.Sat 14th Sep 2002

It was absolutely brilliant.

Tobes in PortlandSun 8th Sep 2002

I feel I need to make it clear from the start that the stripper at last night's party was not arranged expressly for Tobes' benefit. Read More...

"Tobes in the Cittie"Thu 29th Aug 2002

The patrons of this London bar
Are ignorant of many things:
That in their midst their stands a star,
A scion of the Valois kings.
So banish drear, dispell your frown!
The Fuckwit's come to London Town.

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was sligthly serious and quite sober
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