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Tobes Diary

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16 Sep 2002
Flying Home, Drunk Stoned and Exhausted.
Hello... Full Story
13 Sep 2002
Muppet's in Canada
Hello from Canada... Full Story
10 Sep 2002
Windy Guinness
Hi, there... Full Story
09 Sep 2002
Portland and Madison
Hello folks... Full Story
08 Sep 2002
Webmail Down/Too Drunk To Post?
People should be sending some worldcon photos soon... Full Story
02 Sep 2002
Party Alcohol Broadcast
Glasgow has won the UK worldcon bid, and held another... Full Story
02 Sep 2002
Hugo Received and Presented
Hi... Full Story
01 Sep 2002
Fan Fund Auction
Fan fund auction raised $170... Full Story
31 Aug 2002
Everything Going well
Hello folks... Full Story
30 Aug 2002
Arrived in San Josť
Right, I am here... Full Story
26 Aug 2002
TAFF Trip Under Way.
Hi there... Full Story
01 Jul 2002
Tobes Launches Website
The amazing Tobes Valois has launched his new website in... Full Story
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